Eisenmann Architecture

Walnut Creek Eichler

A residential remodel of a Walnut Creek Eichler that improves the quality of living for a busy family of four.  This particular model had an internal wall that visually separated the courtyard from the back yard and truncated the kitchen access.  By laying a piece of tube steel across the roof and tying the original beams up into it, the wall was eliminated without the need for an unsightly crossbeam in the living space, upholding the original Eichler aesthetic.  This also had the added value to improving the kitchen’s connection to the other public spaces.  The steel on the roof is concealed within the foam insulation, so not visible when walking by.

The design language is a modern interpretation of an Eichler, with minimal white cabinetry providing a backdrop to the 20’ continuous-grain walnut island. Mahogany wall panels were also added at the living room for contrast and warmth. 


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