Eisenmann Architecture

Merced Street Craftsman

A residential remodel of a dilapidated 1913 Berkeley bungalow. The goal was to preserve original craftsman character while providing modern services.  Carefully restored interior & exterior details were paired with current building products for added longevity.   A new verdigris standing seam metal roof with a long lifespan references the original trim color while providing a modern contrast to the cedar shingles. The cracked firebox and seismically unsafe chimney were replaced with a gas insert, and original fireplace tiles reinstalled.  Light is brought into the dark core with a new skylight, and modern lighting installed throughout.  

The kitchen was relocated to a rear bedroom for garden access via a new porch, and the guestroom moved to the original kitchen.  A modest 50 sq. ft.  extension along the kitchen’s length improves circulation from the dining room, enabling a new butlers pantry and downstairs bathroom at a former utility porch. 

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