Eisenmann Architecture

McAllister Street Victorian

This Alamo Square home, built in 1890, survived the 1906 San Francisco earthquake and fire that destroyed a large portion of the city.  Today it is included in the longest run of original San Francisco Victorians.  While the interior is not historically protected, it seemed right to update the kitchen and bathroom with respect to the existing architecture.  The concealed original chimney was found to be in good condition, and was repurposed as an architectural feature. Clerestory cabinets make use of the 14’ ceiling, and the ladder to access is stored on the dining room wall when not in use. A large opening was created between the kitchen and dining room, and merged with the design language of the original house.

Additionally, a toilet and a shower room were combined into one space to meet a modern family’s needs, an old bedroom sink was re-routed to a dining room wet bar, and a dilapidated community deck was replaced at the back yard.


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